Monday, May 19, 2014

No I do not want Romanians living next to me

I see once again the Establishment Press are trying to stop people voting UKIP, now it is because Nigel married a German Women and their children speak German. First point is that once she married an Englishman she becomes and British Subject just like my mother. Oh I forgot to mention that my father who was a British Soldier during the occupation of Germany married her and brought her to England, for those who knew my mother will know she contributed a lot to British Society. Yes and I do speak German and I am proud of my German Heritage. With regard to having 6 Male Romanians living next to door to you? Well would any of you want 6 young men of any nationality living next door? Romanians come from a very poor background and have a totally different culture to us in the West, so yes I would rather have a family of Germans or any Western Country next door.

The minimum wage has now become an issue, I am one that believes all employers should pay a living wage. Needless to say those who are complaining the most are the employers and their share holders and you can bet your bottom Dollar they are not on the minimum wage, they are worried about their profit margin. All the excuses that prices will rises may be true but if all the employers and share holders took a drop in their profits that would not happen but if it did people would have more money in their pocket to pay for price rises. The surge of foreign Labour has made the minimum wage the average wage and the fact that foreign workers will live more then one family to a house has pushed up rents. A living wage would force British unemployed back into work and the Foreign Labour explosion would start to decline. Our Benefit payouts would decline and we would have a population who would be better off working then living of he Social. If we continue the way we are going we will have foreign workforce on very low wages paying a little amount of Tax keeping the indigenous population i.e Brits on the dole and making employers and share holders very rich in the process. Listening to a report recently we now have foreign criminal gangs using slave labour and selling them out to major companies, the thrust for greed ignores the thrust for Humanity.

I see nothing wrong in making a profit and having wealth but your good fortune should help those beneath you rather then treading on those less fortunate to gain wealth and power

Sitting by my Caravan and NO I do not rent to Eastern Europeans

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