Friday, May 09, 2014

14 year old mother-UKIP-Cannabis

I was speaking to my 15-year-old granddaughter, she told me of a girl at her school who has just had a baby she was I believe 14 Her mother brought the baby in and said to my granddaughter “I am pleased she has had this baby as she has had nothing to look forward to” What sort of mother says anything like that? The sort who receives every benefit herself and doesn’t work, needless to say she had a lecture from me saying this type of behaviour disgraces the Family. The Girl was under age why was nobody prosecuted and why was Social Services not involved, I for one am fed up having my taxes paying for promiscuity and bad parenting

Nick Clegg and his LibDem Hippies do not want see those using knives going to prison automatically, they say prison makes people worse that may be the case BUT when they are inside they are not killing people

Every paper you read, every talk show you listen to every TV program you watch all ridicules UKIP. Yet by doing this they push more of us into the UKIP idea. I have donated to his campaign for the EU elections. The EU MEP’S are powerless just a talking shop but a massive vote for UKIP in this election will make the other parties realise we need a referendum. At the General Election I will once again vote Conservative because they are the best out of three very bad political groups but also because I have a very good Conservative MP in Gordon Henderson see the article below and you see he is for local people. UKIP if they are lucky will get a couple of MP's because of the way our so-called Democratic electoral system works. The Government will I expect be a Lib/Lab coalition then you will see the complete erosion of the UK into subsidiary of a EU Super state a United States of Europe. The UK will be powerless and to have that useless boy Milliband as PM is laughable. So I will pray that we return a Conservative Majority Government at the next General Election even if it is with that Toff Cameron, one thing is for sure they should never enter into a coalition with the LIBDEM who are more left wing then the Labour Party
'Do not ever call us a racist party,' Farage demands as he poses with black and Asian Ukip supporters at ethnic minority 'rally'
·       Ukip leader demands end to racist accusations against party
·       But he admits some 'idiots' have managed to slip through the net
·       Campaign event interrupted by anti-fascist protesters 

MP urges Kent County Council to bid for pothole cash 
Gordon Henderson MP has welcomed new Government funding for pothole repairs and urged Kent County Council to bid for extra money to enable more roads to be repaired. The £168 million Pothole Fund, announced in the 2014 Budget, has opened for bids from councils, with applications closing later this month on the 22 May The funding is enough to repair more than three million potholes across Britain, and comes on top of £10 billion already being given to councils in England for local roads maintenance between 2010 and 2021.Local authorities who get funding will have to sign a pothole pledge setting out clearly how many potholes they will fix by March 2015 so that local communities can have confidence that action will be taken.
 Mr Henderson said:
“I have worked closely with the ROAR Sheppey campaign in recent months to try and bring about improvements to the Island’s roads. This is a great opportunity to improve even more roads across Sittingbourne & Sheppey and deal with the blight of potholes following the wettest winter on record.
 “I welcome the recent announcement of Kent County Council to invest in a £500,000 programme to repair and resurface The Broadway, Minster and feel that this news provides a further opportunity to improve the road network across my constituency.
 “This money would be a welcome addition to the £8.6million boost Kent's Find and Fix pothole repair campaign was given back in March, following the county council’s successful lobbying for funding to repair weather-damaged roads.
 “During March, KCC’s Highways Team were repairing potholes at a rate of more than 1,000 a week and Kent County Council needs to once again step up to the plate and bid for this new money in order to continue this good work.
 “Investing in Britain’s roads and infrastructure is a key part of the Government’s long-term economic plan to secure a better future for Britain. By fixing Britain’s roads the Government is supporting local businesses, and making life that bit easier for the residents of Sittingbourne & Sheppey who rely on them to get around.”

The mother's story anyone who still says cannabis is harmless MUST read: Henry came from a wealthy family and had a golden future but his life is now in tatters thanks to the drug
·       Henry was a bright young boy with a promising future
·       Starting smoking cannabis in his teens
·       Today, age 28, he lives in a state of terror and tried to take his own life
·       Regularly admitted to psychiatric hospitals
·       A doctor said cannabis use contributed to his psychosi

80% admit they pay workmen cash in hand: Failure by tradesmen to declare earnings said to cost economy £2billion a year
    More than four in five homeowners admit paying workmen cash-in hand
    And 30 per cent have done it three times or more in the past year alone
    Such secret payments are said to cost the economy £2billion every year

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