Monday, May 26, 2014

Well Done UKIP but at the General Election I vote for Gordon

I am glad that UKIP has had such a resounding victory and had hoped the Political elite along with the Press and Media establishment would listen.? Yet if you read and listen to the political parties nothing has changed each one has some excuse.. The LibDems see their results as a victory for integrity because they want to keep us in the EU, NO they are completely out of step with what the British People want, they are EU patriots and traitors to the UK. Labour say they done extremely well NO as the main opposition party they should have been streets ahead, now they have the same amount of MEP’s as the Conservatives. As for Cameron our useless PM he does not have answers to anything. Let be honest all three party leaders should be sacked.

The ridiculous voting system used in these elections doe not allow you to vote for an individual you have to vote a party and they decided who should be elected, not particularly democratic. I bet none of you knew all the candidates who were standing in your region, I know I did not, mind you I never received any literature from any of the parties. I bring this to your attention as I a big fan of Conservative MEP Dan Hannan he is Euro Sceptic and talks a lot of sense. If I had the choice of voting for him direct I would have done in spite of him being Conservative but the system did not allow me to do this so my vote went to UKIP but I am pleased to see he is back in that undemocratic body called the EU.

With the EU Parliament being just a talking shop with most of the power being with unelected Commissioners the vote was a protest vote and it will be sadly be very hard to get UKIP people into Parliament mores the pity. So I hope UKIP target seats where one there is chance of winning and against pro European candidates, it would be ridiculous for them to put up a candidate against my MP Gordon Henderson who is a good local MP and arch Euro sceptic. It would turn me totally against UKIP if they split the vote and Gordon lost as it would achieve nothing , just to let the Pro European Labour Party in. Just remember the mess our last MP Derek Wyatt and his government made of the county

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