Friday, May 16, 2014

Katie Hopkins-UKIP

I do not normally buy the Sun but I am in my caravan in Whitstable and the DM was sold out and anything was better then watching Paul O'Grady with Val. I read the Katy Hopkins page and some of her comments tickled me here are couple.

The first is about the Queer Penguins she finished the piece with the following"I have a sneaky suspicion their new penguin  chicks will also be the best groomed in the enclosure and have a fabulous technique when diving from the 10 meter board" Sanya-_Jeet Thandi the UKIP traitor who has given in to left wing thugs got a piece as well "UKIP is better without her. Flaky in not a quality Thandi, it is a skin disorder"  "The next time you appear on TV , Twinkle mean what you say, and be prepared to stand by it. Either man up or shut up"

VOTE UKIP tell the other parties to listen to us but be careful on the ballot paper there is another group saying they want to get out of Europe, they called "Independence from Europe" Wonder who put them up to that? Crafty way to split the UKIP vote.

Independence from Europe Party are they there to split the vote

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