Sunday, May 18, 2014

Farage and Sex

We first had sex aged 14 say one in ten students... and two in three confess that they've sent explicit 'selfies' to their partners
Nearly one in ten students say they lost their virginity aged 14 or younger
54 per cent had unprotected sex and just 16 per cent used condoms 'always' 
Shocking statistic is despite years of safe sex education in schools

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Sex is now a game or a pastime for many people, 
Promiscuity is the antithesis of sexual emancipation.

Immigrants who move to Britain need to learn to speak English and ‘respect our way of life’, Culture Secretary Sajid Javid claims
Mr Javid, the son of Pakistani immigrants said people expect immigrants to make a contribution to society
He urged immigrants to Britain to speak English and criticised those who fail to assimilate into British society
Immigration has become a key political issue ahead of the General Election

Now that is a novel idea

What you need to know about Nigel Farage before you vote this Thursday by JAMES O'BRIEN

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An interviewer is supposed to be un-bias this article in the DM proves that is not the case and James O’Brian was certainly following his own agenda which was to ridicule UKIP. This nasty type of interviewing achieves very little, can you imagine David Frost conducting interviews like this NO and his quite manner got Nixon to reveal all. I think this nasty little man O’Brian should be sacked from LBC other have done less and been fired. Read the article by Peter Hitchens below, he puts voting for UKIP far better then me

Here is the best reason for voting UKIP

I don't like UKIP or its leader, Nigel Farage. They are the Dad’s Army of British politics, doddery, farcical  and very unclear about what they are actually for.

But they have Captain Mainwaring’s virtues too.  They are absolutely certain about what they are against, in this case an aloof political establishment that despises the concerns of normal  human beings.

They are also indomitable when under attack. And they need to be. I have taken a close interest in British politics since I was a schoolboy, and I have never seen a more disgraceful alliance between politicians and their media toadies than the one that has been secretly made to do down UKIP.

On one day last week, almost every unpopular newspaper carried a cartoon portraying Nigel Farage as ugly, stupid or embattled, or all three.

Last Wednesday, the insider magazine Private Eye also claimed that the Leftist  daily The Guardian had  made a secret deal with the Tory Party, which claims to  be conservative.

The Tories, it was alleged, had promised the favourite newspaper of the liberal elite a steady supply of damaging stories about UKIP candidates saying daft things (Tories, of course, never say daft things). In return, the newspaper had promised to avoid identifying the source.

Such stories are immediately picked up by BBC radio and TV news channels, which view The Guardian as sacred text. Asked about the allegation,  The Guardian drew itself up  to its full height and snapped: ‘The Guardian does not disclose its sources.’ (A  certain Sarah Tisdall, who went to prison 30 years ago after The Guardian handed over documents that disclosed her as its source, might disagree.)

Well, there you have it. The Tory Party and The Guardian (and the BBC) are all united against UKIP. That would seem the best possible reason to vote UKIP. It also tells you who and what the Conservative Party really is.

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