Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Clarkson and IRA

Jeremy Clarkson not my particular favourite person but what is all the fuss being made about being made about the word N**ger, there I have said it ( I would like to but could I be taken to court for being racist) it is a horrible word it refers back the slave trade. Where Black people were treated like animals and all were considered Negros. If I were a Black person and you called me that I would smack you in the mouth. Yet Black Rappers use it continually in their music as do films which feature Black people talking to each other so their some hypocrisy here, this word in particular should not be used by anyone no matter what colour. This type of hypocrisy is also very prominent in the Homosexual Community they can call each other poofs and queers but if a hetrosexual says it they branded Homophobic. I object to the word Gay being used by people with abnormal sexual habits, this was an old english word. The term was originally used to refer to feelings of being "carefree", "happy", or "bright and showy". Can I object NO.
So below is a clip of Jeremy Clarkson mumbling something, this clip was never broadcast and was only released because someone stole the clip. Was the thief arrested NO was the Daily Mirror charged with receiving stolen goods NO. Now if you know the nursery rhyme you can guess what he mumbled but that is all but listen for yourself. I asked some youngsters to listen but none could tell me what he said

Leading IRA Murder threatens peace process, returning to the Bomb, Gun and atrocities of the past and Blackmails British Government into not prosecuting another IRA killer.

Deputy N Ireland Minister Martin Mcguinness gets Sien Fein Leader released from  Police Custody???

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