Tuesday, May 20, 2014

English women pretend to be Romainians-Vass and free speech

Over the last few months there has been an ever increasing vicious attack on UKIP for the Media and Political Parties so much so important issues have been downgraded because of the establishment hatred of UKIP and Nigel Farage especially. Below is such a case this article was practically near the end of the Daily Mails Web site. It is a feature on ZERO HOURS contracts an issue, which affects many people and system that should be relegated to the start of the last Century BUT NO the newspapers and commentators have to attack UKIP?
The latest attack comes from Keith Vass a Labour MP who now has asked the Police to see if Farage has broken the Race Relations Act Why? Because he said would you want 6 Romanians living next to you? What has this country come to that you cannot decide whether you like your next-door neighbours. Maybe Vass has forgot what FREE SPEECH is.
Latest news UKIP organised a party in Croydon had to be abandon because rent a mob turned up, TV and Newspapers reported that a group of Women claiming to be Romania had posters saying UKIP was racist. Yet I have just heard on LBC that the women were all English pretending to be Romanian, when questioned why they were doing it they retorted “we are all Romanians now” LEFT WING NUTTERS This is what UKIP has had to put up with and No other Party has had the same treatment

62 Labour MPs are employing workers on zero hours contracts despite the party campaigning against them
    Figures produced by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority reveal that MPs employ 151 staff on zero hours contracts
    62 are employed by Labour MPs, 77 by Conservatives, five by Liberal Democrats and seven by independents and the minor parties
    'Labour government will give new legal rights to workers on zero hour contracts'

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