Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Comments from DM

Sometimes the comments in a Newspaper say everything I feel so here are some of the replies to articles in the Press

Article on the bearded Pervert

This makes headline news when the world is going down the pan. No wonder there are no standards left when a bloke parading as a women is described by the national press as a 'she' - what next older people pretending to be kids, oh thats already happened!

As a real woman I find this very insulting towards the female race to say the least! The only reason this person won Eurovision is because of the PC brigade, if he didn't win we all would of been ignorant so and so's!! Pathetic what his world is coming to.

Article on how the Gay Mafia want to indoctrinate School Childre. Putin answer to this is right

Schools are there to teach the 3 Rs Not to practice social engineering. and indoctrination

A wonderful example for the rest of the World - and that folks is why, the rest of the World laughs and is sickened by the UK. Disgusting

Eastern Ukraine

The government in Kiev is illegitimate and came to power through violence - so they have no right to complain about anything. In order to prevent an all-out war in Central Europe the will of the PEOPLE must be respected.

Russian president Vladimir Putin had asked the organisers of the latest referendums to delay the vote in an apparent attempt to ease the crisis. The insurgents refused."................... Wadaya mean "the insurgents refused"?? They aren't insurgents - THEY LIVE THERE - they are the residents of the place who voted. Western merdia is just full of propaganda and lies the above being just one example. It would take many pages to list the lies and transgressions of the Wes

Nigel Farage on Homosexuals

He just needs to say I am going to bring back hanging for terrorists, police killers and child killers and that's another 3 million votes.

We live in a democracy (so I'm told) where we do not expect the culture of a small minority to be forced, yes FORCED, on us.

Most people do find the act of same sex a bit off-putting. It's likely nature's way of making sure that most people, and animals, will be firm heterosexuals and therefore continue to procreate, keeping life going. I do shudder at the thought of another woman approaching me in this way. Does that make me dislike those who are homosexual - no. Does it make me not wish to be their good friend - no. Does it make me wish them harm - no. But we are entitled to what is, after all, a natural feeling about same sex. Now let's get on to more important subjects, like overcrowding and infections in hospitals, and disgraceful corruption by politicians - things which affect all of us

Most heterosexual people think that gay sex is disgusting. Politicians, on the other hand, see nothing wrong with it. So what does that tell you about politicians?

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