Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It has started

The UKIP success has caused some confusion in the Political Establishment and the BBC. So the Pro EU Propaganda has started with the BBC leading the way with this morning on Radio 4 they interviewed 2 politicians asking what has happened with the upsurge of anti EU feeling. One would have thought they would have thought they would have had a pro and anti interviewee NO, who did they get was Ken Clark MP the Conservatives most Pro European MP he and the interviewer chatted away enjoying a laugh and a joke all the time condemning UKIP and promoting the EU, compare that with the interviews Nigel Farage had with the BBC which was extremely hostile. Tony Blair, the man responsible for the immigration, financial problem and Iraq war, followed this, he went on to smear people who voted for UKIP and said Immigration was a good thing. What planet do these two live on?
I wager money will pour in from the EU for propaganda to promote there cause. The EU is a corrupt and undemocratic organisation not run by its so called Parliament but by unelected Commissioners a system vey like the ex Soviet Union.  If we have a referendum it will be very difficult to win an OUT vote as billions will be given to the Pro EU group and the establishment want to remain in the EU not for the benefit of the Country but for their own benefit

The Conservatives and UKIP should have to have local pacts to beat Labour. Finally a bet James O’Brian the LBC presenter who was responsible for that vicious attack Nigel Farage ref Car Crash, feels a fool. His interview gave UKIP even more votes

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