Saturday, May 17, 2014

UKIP attacked again

Yesterday I said vote UKIP at the EU Election, have a look at the interview on LBC and you can see the bullying techniques of the interviewer who obviously has his own agenda which is anti UKIP would he apply the same technique to the leaders of other political parties? NO! The whole Political Class along with their lap dogs in the press and media are worried about UKIP, not because they expect them to get into power but because they have woken the rage of the British People. Every Newspaper, every Media outlet has a loyalty to one one of the three main parties. This worries them because now the British Public are beginning to wake up to this cabal. The Brits do not go into violent revolution but the time has come for an alternative to the way this country is governed, the first step is to leave the EU. The Conservatives at long last realise that the people want their voice represented but they are not doing enough. Apart from the referendum can any of you tell me the real difference between the different parties?

A Vote in the EU Election is a protest vote against the corrupt establishment, hopefully with a massive vote for UKIP someone in-power will listen or is that to much to hope for

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