Thursday, May 15, 2014

More on UKIP-Baby in Cinema- Women to be executed for becoming a Christian

Sanya-Jeet Thandi, a youth member who was previously put up to defend the party in television interviews, quit this week accusing Mr Farage of playing the race card to win votes. Yet a week ago she was on TV saying that UKIP was not racist who has changed in a week NOT UKIP. It now been alleged that Left-wingers at university have intimidated her or could we see in a few months time her being selected by another party to stand in a safe seat the word OPPORTUNIST springs to mind If this been any other party would it have been headline news NO! VOTE UKIP and kick some sense into the other parties

I make this about the 120th anti UKIP story on here in the run up to the EU election. Yet I can remember not a single story portaying the Tories in a bad light. Either we think the other parties are angels and UKIP are the devil incarnate, or there's some serious media spinning going on.

Why don't you do an exclusive on how much Clegg's wife earns from wind-turbines, or the fact that Cast Iron Dave father-in-law gets £100,000 from this 'Green Energy'? What will you say when UKIP win next week Ho,Ho!

Labour condemned the 'deeply offensive' views which emerged after repeated attempts by Nigel Farage to stress that Ukip is not a racist party. Not the first time Labour have called a truth offensive.

Are we now to believe that criticism or condemnation of Islam and the behavior of its followers is to be deemed racist? Is the same to be true of criticism of other religions or does Islam have some special protection? I am not a UKIP supporter but nevertheless attempts to stifle free speech by the misapplication of the law strikes at our fundamental right to freedom of expression and at the very roots of our democracy

I have always been very tolerant of other religions and have said that Islam itself my be OK but it is the fanatics you have to watch BUT the article below how a Muslim Government is going to execute a women for changing to Christianity show how barbaric Islam can be, it is a religion that should belong in the Middle Ages

In one of my recent Blogs I suggested that Alcohol should be banned on aeroplanes here is another example of why I am right

As a real old fashioned Chauvinists a relic of the 1960’s I loved this article

A women takes a Baby to a cinema? then complains that she was kicked out what planet is she on. These young mothers have no consideration for others, we have to put up with howling babies on flights, potty training in restaurants followed by nappy changing where ever you go, these selfish women should give a thought for others. Especially those who want eat their food without the smell of a babies toilet.

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