Monday, January 12, 2015

Charities begins at home

Every Sunday at 7.55am on Radio 4 there are appeals for money from various Charities most of them are for British Organisations, yet the British Government supported by Labour and LibDem give £11 Billion to foreign aid that is 0.7% of GDP £2.5 billion more then 2013 surely that is putting the Cart before the Horse. It is ironic that the British Tax pays out for foreign aid yet our charities have to go round with the begging bowl. All though there is some justification in  Aid much of it is being fraudulent used by corrupt government and officials. Some of it is funding terrorist organisation, some is going to India, which has its own Space Programme. The Government is hoping to make it a legal requirement that we spend 0.7% of GDP on Foreign Aid. WELL WHAT ABOUT THE BRITISH PEOPLE?  Cameron like Milliband and Clegg are rich boys who can be generous with our money they will not be affected. I wonder if any political Party will put it in their manifesto the subject of Foreign Aid?

The big demos in Paris will not make the slightest difference to Islamic Terrorism; yes there maybe some extra money but will laws change? I doubt it already the PC brigade helped by Clegg is saying we must not give up any more of our freedoms. Yet what freedom will we have when more and more Islamic attacks are made?  Surveillance does not worry me, as I have nothing to hide and if that means my family are safer so be it. If Clegg continues to obstruct the protection of the Public then any future casualties will be on his head.

The article below show the type of Moslem we are harbouring in this country, I thought there were laws forbidding encouraging Racial Hatred and Violence? The Government must clamp down on the Muslim community and some of their 12th Century tradition mainly the subjugation of women things like them being covered head to toe in Black is a form of mental torture. Moslems must learn to integrate, we still have Pakistani women who cannot speak English and the main reason for this is multiculturism
 A failed ideology that allowed Immigrants to bring their antiquated cultures to this country and replace our own indigenous culture. If they were forced to assimilate and made to realise they were now British subjects and not Pakistani, African etc. living in GB there would be very little problems and in fact much more cohesion between the races and religions. Finally we need to know the truth about the Islamic Religion, what does it really stand for and we hear a great deal about their Leader Mohammed what is the truth about this man and why does his name cause so much controversy?

'What do you expect if you insult Islam?' British hate preacher BACKS the Paris massacres and tells his followers 'Britain is the enemy of Islam'
·       Mizanur Rahman defended murders of 12 people at Charlie Hebdo offices
·       Hate cleric said: ‘Insulting Islam…they can’t expect a different result'
·       Rahman also praised Al Qaeda and said ‘Britain is the enemy of Islam’ 
·       Experts have warned the sermon could incite further terror killings
·       He is currently on bail after he was arrested on suspicion of terror offences last year

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