Tuesday, January 13, 2015

UN PC Humour

Subject: FW: Not politically correct

Teacher asks Billy: "If you have five sweets and Mohammed asks for one, how many will you have left?” Billy; "Five. 

Wife says to husband,"You only ever want sex when you're drunk.” Husband says, "Thats not true; sometimes I want
a kebab.

My son asked me today what's the difference between a crow and a blackbird. I told him crows have somewhat heavier  
beaks and fan shaped tails; a blackbird has big rubbery lips, fuzzy hair and a massive arse. 

I bought the wife a Memory Stick, it's great; She hasn't forgotten my beer, dinner or sex once since the first beating. 

A Geordie and a Yank aid worker are helping out in Iraq   Yank says, "You from round here, buddy?"
"No," he replies, " Newcastle ."
"What State's that in?" asks the Yank.
"Pretty much the same as this place!

A man approaches a young woman in a shop.He says, " I can't find my wife, can I talk to you for a few minutes?"
The woman says, "Sure, but do you have any idea where your wife is?"
"Not a clue," he says, " But whenever I talk to a beautiful woman with tits like yours she appears out of nowhere!

The Japanese government have thanked Britain for the rescue dogs they sent. They said they were delicious

My sexy Chinese neighbour told me she was desperate for a roger. It was only when I had my trousers round my  
ankles that I realised she wanted to rent her spare room out!

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