Saturday, January 03, 2015

Race Baiters-Prince Andrew-Films

QUESTION: What If ‘Whites’ Strike Back Against The Race-Baiters and Race-Warmongers?
This article is worth reading I agree with most of it, yet when I have been to the USA I have met people of all colours and never found any form of racism. I was brought up to accept people for what they are, that is why I totally agree with stopping immigration into the UK but at the same time have met some nice Poles, Bulgarians, Latvians etc. living in this country.

Why is it that Jews, Christians, Sikhs and Hindus can live together in harmony yet Moslems want to ostracise themselves from the rest of us? Is it because there religion is based on a Medieval 12th century belief? I am sorry to say I do not trust Islam yet once again on my travels I have met many Moslems and found them to be nice people. Maybe we should look at the individual rather then the organisation or the ethnic group they belong to? BUT we are all effected by the Religious beliefs of our Fore Fathers with regard to Laws, Ethics and Morals  quite an interesting dilemma

Price Andrew has been accused of sexual misappropriation no matter whether you believe it or not it is not the point. The accuser has smeared his name yet she has never been questioned in court, her allegations have not been investigated. Prince Andrew has not been charged with any offence so the women allegations cannot be tested in Court. I question is this right? NO!, why should someone reputation be ruined by hear say, this women’s allegations looks very suspect and the behaviour of her lawyers allowing her to say all these things is disgusting with out a shred of evidence. The whole business is about money and notoriety,  what those accused should do is sue her but I doubt if this will happen because I doubt if she has any money, also by keeping the event in the news will only encourage more unscrupulous headlines in the Red Tops. Although I think the Police should investigate her claims and if proved unfounded she should be charged with a criminal offence, if she is proven to be telling the truth and a criminal act has been committed then the perpetrators should be arrested and charged irrelevant whether they are a Prince, President or Celebrity

On a more pleasant subject on the TV there has been a lot of your 100, 50 best moments, best song, best film etc so I thought I would list my top 10 films why don’t you have a go:

1) Zulu
2) She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
3) Gladiator
4) Godfather 1
5) Godfather 2
6) Godfather 3
7) Passport To Pimlico
8) Searchers
9) Quiet Man
10) Outlaw Josey Wales

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