Thursday, January 01, 2015

New Years Eve Treat

Both myself and Val decided to stay in New Years Eve, the idea of being in a packed pub or restaurant paying high prices just did not appeal to us. So a meal in with steak, asparagus, scampi, sausages, parma ham, prawns, cheese etc. The meat we got from the M B Farm Butchers in Stockbury and the rest at Macknades Faversham plus I went to the Hercules Wine Store and purchased a nice bottle of Barolo for £20(yes I know more then the £5 I normally spend but it is New years Eve). Oh nearly forgot Val had to have her ALDI fix where she brought the cheese, she is panicking at the moment because it is New Years Day and the ALDI maybe closed. Rumour has it the ALDI want to expand I wonder how they will do that???

A couple of years ago John bought us an electric griddle which  ideal for the type meal we wanted, this is mainly used in the Summer out on the Garden a quicker way then always using the 

Valerie like most women loves the kitchen she feels really at home there but as a modern man I do not lock her in and I often put my dirty plates in the sink, that is the type of man I am trying to save her work.

Val and myself do not give each other presents, so I gave her a New Year treat see above. She greeted this with "whats this to do with cooking the meal and make sure you put that tie back where you found it"

Only a few round for Christmas Dinner and John was still suffering from the night before, mind you it has been many years since I have come back from a Christmas Eve Club event walking 1 step forward 2 steps back. That night was early to bed 8pm in fact, I must have been extremely tired

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