Thursday, January 08, 2015

Farage blamed for stating obviuos

Farage accused of 'sickening' bid to score political points from Paris gun attack after blaming massacre on 'gross policy of multiculturalism'
  • Ukip leader used interviews to attack a 'fifth column' living in Britain
  • Farage railed against the 'really rather gross policy of multiculturalism'
  • Comments branded 'sickening' for 'scoring political points' from atrocity  
  • Muslim Council of Britain insists there is no justification for the attack 
  • Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said he was 'dismayed' at Mr Farage 
Nigel Farage is again attacked by the establishment for stating the blatantly obvious that Multiculturalism is mainly to blame for all the Islamic attacks in the West. If we had not accepted any Muslims into the West this would not have happened. Yet we are free country and you can worship who you want BUT what we could have done was to make all immigrants and those of immigrants family accept our customs, values, ethics and moral codes. Yet the establishment led by the Liberal Left expect us the British Population to allow these people (predominately Moslem) to have their own Culture and Laws in lots of cases ignoring the traditions, ethics of the indigenous people.
The way the Muslim community treat women is pure barbarism, yet the PC Brigade led by that women Harriet Harman do nothing to protect. There excuse for what is a form of Female Slavery, is it is their religion or cultural thing and the women to not mind. What a disgrace on the day when a new law comes into affect with regard to Domestic violence laws will now criminalise mental torment, mind games and money controls too... and laws will be applied to those aged under 18. Will this apply to Muslim women who are forced to wear the Nicab, which does not allow them to show their face? Just have a look at the video to see what a Muslim women has to endure, for those who say his doesn’t happen in the West and GB they are closing their eyes.

I for one do not believe that family members are not aware of a family member being radicalised, time has come for us to view all Moslems with caution as their religion doesn’t integrate with those who are not a member. We must discourage Moslems coming to this country refuse planning permission for any more Mosques, ban the Hijab/Nicab, ban the use of Sharia Law and apply Domestic Violence Laws to Muslim women. Those Muslims living in the UK must realise they adapt to our ways not us adapting to their 12th Century Medieval ways. I am hoping true Muslims will not be offended by what I say as I believe what I have suggested will make the UK a safer place for them as well, It not the religion that is at fault it is the Humans who interpret it, that applies to all religions

Should this Video Clip be banned? Many have said yes but would their be such an outcry if it had been a bout a Christian icon, more importantly is this satirical cartoon based on fact?

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