Saturday, January 24, 2015

Christian School and Gays plus Ofsted

Girls of 11 quizzed about lesbians and how Whitehall zealots are waging war on Christian schools: A Special report by Tom Rawstorne

  • Pupils at Durham Free School were quizzed on homosexuality and religion
  • Ofsted inspectors asked 11-year-olds if they had 'gay or lesbian friends'
  • The Government-funded school is now to be closed by Easter
  • It comes after the introduction of new Ofsted rules based on Equality Act
  • Inspectors can downgrade status based on teacher's handling of law
  • Here, TOM RAWSTORNE investigates its highly controversial practice

This article only proves what I have been saying for a long time that the LeftWing Secular Elite are intent in banning Christianity and promoting abnormal and perverted relationships. Why should any Junior School child be taught abnormal sexual relationships, surely at that young age their interest should be directed at playing and behaving as a child. It is essential that they are taught Christianity because our history, laws, morals and ethics are based on Christianity not the modern religion of Secularism. They also should be introduced to other religions. This leftwing movement want to treat children as sexual objects rather then children, they want their innocence corrupted for their own enjoyment.
The promotion of Lesbians was once again talked about on Women's Hour, Lesbians are now complaining that in Film and TV Lesbians are always given roles as bad people while all Homosexuals are given roles a good people. What a load of tosh. Let me remind Celebrities, Press and Entertainment Industry of the following:

In 2013, ONS asked around 180,000 UK adults about their self-perceived sexual identity, as part of the Integrated Household Survey. By “sexual identity” we mean how people see themselves at the time the interview takes place. This does not necessarily match their sexual behaviour or attraction and can change over time. 

1.6% of UK adults aged 16+ gave their sexual identity as lesbian, gay or bisexual in 2013

There are people out there who want to promote LBGT community above the rest of us and proportionately they hold far to much power. Their behaviour is increasing Homophobia not because they have abnormal sexual preference in general most of us could not care about that but what concerns us is that a minority have to much power and influence and that will eventually lead to a collapse of Democracy.

I have pasted a comment from the article Now tell me that this is not a leftwinger experemting with her 6 year old child a piece of social enginering ask your self would you do the things she does with a your own 6 year old

Hmm, my daughter, aged 6, spends loves spending time with my gay and straight friends alike. We have told her that men can love men, women can love women and men and women love each other. She has also learned a little bit about transsexuality due to her meeting transsexuals. No intimate details were given as she is too young, but we have made it clear that love in all its forms is beautiful. I would harshly judge any inspector who tried to interrogate her on these issues and religious areas, as she also believes in God and Jesus, although both my husband and I are atheist. She has met Christians, Jews and Muslims and it makes no difference. We are trying to give her a good human understanding, rather than the labels. It is labelling which segregates people.

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