Sunday, January 04, 2015

Does Romanian earn £60,000?

In an eye-opening interview the first Romanian to arrive in Britain for work a year ago reveals why he's had enough - even though he's earning £60,000
  • Victor Spirescu, 30, arrived in the UK from Romania one year ago
  • He came after employment restrictions on Romanians were lifted

This article I found interesting so I thought I would investigate further, the article by Natalie Clarke is totally misleading it suggest this Romanian earns £60,000 a year. Look at the facts and you will see that it is all a pack of lies.

1) He states that he did not start Ventilation Fitting until the Summer and the first person he worked for was an Indian Gentleman who paid him £65 a day and most of the time he worked 5 days a week that is £325 per week THAT doesn’t add up to £6000 a year, if he had that amount per week for a year. Then he goes on to say he changed firms and the English firms paid him £2000 pcm, once again if he was in the job for 12 months that would still only earn £24000 per year
2) Then in another part of the article he says he earns £300 per day, if that were true his earning would be £78000 per year not £60,000. My friends in the industry have told me that they know nobody who is on £78000 a year as a Ventilation installer or £60000
3) He also said that he started as a car washer and then was a labourer in Office block are we expected to believe he could earn up to £60000 a year from this type work?
4) The article went on to say that he shared a Terraced house with 6 other people sharing the costs, this cost him £600 pcm. After checking Renting a house in that area is expensive £1500 pcm for a terraced house. Yet that amount divided by 6 is £250 pcm not £600
5) He pays Tax as he is self employed that may be true but Tax returns are not due to April 5th and when the tax is assessed the first instalment is approx. June second one is January. As he arrived in January and according to him was on a low wage I doubt if he paid tax from January 2014 till April 5th 2014. So in truth he has paid no tax yet, if he stays for the length time he says then he will pay tax but id he goes back home will he pay his tax?
6) You don’t pay NI contribution till you get a NI number, which he says he has. What should be asked when did he get an NI number and how did he get it in less then a year?
7) Did he have the relevant qualification and Health& Safety qualifications for the job? If not why not?

I have doubts whether the Romanian Guy deliberately lied he may have exaggerated on occasions but what has annoyed me most is that the reporter Natalie Clarke can produce a fairy story with so little facts and one that is based on hear say. Why have other reporters or politicians not taken her to task on her report plus why did her Editor check her story.

Now I am not a reporter and may have got all my facts wrong but the easy way to prove me wrong is to produce this guys tax returns/Qualifiactions so we can see what he earns and what Tax and NI he has paid

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