Sunday, January 18, 2015

Christians upset Gays, Moslem and Government

I have to admit I am completely dismayed with our so called Democratic system, how can you call this a democracy when the majority of the electorate didn't vote for the Government what ever party. Proportional Representation would make this worse, the only way forward is to make a vote a legal requirement. Each MP would have to get over 50% of the electorates support, if they do not then the top two have another election. Will take longer but is fairer. I am particular fed up with our three major political parties. None of them keep their promises and have double standards take the two articles below where Christians are pilloried by a Conservative Government, would they have pilloried Gay and Moslems NO!
Yet I only have the choice of one Political Party who will get me out of the terrible European Union and that is the Conservative Party, plus I have a good Conservative MP Gordon Henderson. No matter how much I dislike Cameron he much better then Clegg and Millaband but no where near Good old Boy Nigel Farage. Sorry on the present Electoral system UKIP will never make a Government and will only take votes from the Conservative which if they lose we will never get a Referendum. If Labour get in the EU will take more control eventually leading to a United States of Europe and open door to Immigrants

Sacked for 'harassment and bullying' after praying for a Muslim colleague 
  • Christian nurse Victoria Wasteney, 37, prayed with her ill Muslim co-worker
  • She offered Enya Nawaz, 25, a shoulder to cry on when she was unwell
  • But Miss Nawaz complained her colleague had tried to convert her
  • Miss Wasteney was suspended for nine months and warned about her faith
  • Now she is taking the hospital to a tribunal over religious discrimination 

Suspended and sent for 'equality training' - Christian magistrate who said: 'Adopted child needs mum and dad - not gay parents'

  • Richard Page made the comment while speaking in private with colleagues
  • The magistrate was reported to watchdogs and has been disciplined
  • He said he thought it was better for a child to be part of a traditional family
  • The 68-year-old has been found guilty of 'serious misconduct' over claim
  • He has been suspended and told he must attend a racial equality course 
  • Mr Page said he felt 'tremendous pressure' not to express his beliefs 

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