Sunday, January 18, 2015

EU "considering a ban on Islamophobia" after Paris attacks

You will see in the news all the riots in Islamic Countries about the recent atrocities in Paris, people are being killed and Churches are being burnt. Yet Muslims keep saying Islam is a peaceful Religion HOW CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT. When did you see Christians rioting killing people
and burning Mosques because someone made a Cartoon of Jesus? Rather then face the problem facing us over Islam what do the EU do? They are trying bringing in a Law banning Islamaphobia, which means the “Fear of Islam” so if they have their way it will be illegal to fear Islam. If there is to be a law about Islam it should be they abide by our laws and culture and for them to move away from their medieval 12th Century traditions. Time to stop all aid to Islamic Countries let Saudi Arabia, Iran etc look after their own

EU "considering a ban on Islamophobia" after Paris attacks

After the Charlie Hebdo and related 

attacks, the European Union is being 

presented with proposals to ban 

Islamophobia, so as to stem a perceived 

backlash against Muslims. Eurocrats are 

sympathetic but do not believe they are 


Below are 2 videos one is a comical but relevant video on Jesus and Mohamed, to get some balance I have included one defending Islam. With regard to the latter see if what he says is happening in the World today

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