Sunday, January 11, 2015

Football Hypocracy

I listened to Question Time and a women on the panel said she would go against the Sisterhood with regard to Ched Evans and she went on explain something about the Rape Case so I ask the following questions:

"Am I right in saying that the women concerned was so drunk that she can not remember what happened and the other man who was accused of rape was found not guilty. The footballer was found guilty on the assumption the women was so drunk she could not give consent? If he was so drunk and did not know what he was doing could she be charged with rape?"

What people are saying he can not be employed as a Footballer because of the rape, it was suggested that he could stack shelves. So a women said its alright for him to work with the low paid but not with people with money?

Also I did not realise that other footballers had criminal records, one killed a person in his car, and were still allowed to do Footballer

Some said they wouldn't like their children watching a rapist as they would be a bad influence, what about those Footballers who been convicted of Drug, Alcohol Abuse, shoplifting, extra marital affairs etc?

I have no interest in Football or this particular player but there seems to be a lot of hypocracy over this issue

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