Monday, January 05, 2015

Prince Andrew-Only Straight in the Village

The Prince Andrew accusations seem to be carrying on, the Daily Mail has printed no end of stuff on this accusation by this woman. Yet they are refusing to allow any comments from the readers?  It seems that any women from the past can make a spurious accusation without any proof and ruin a man’s career.

Can you remember the comedy programme where this Homosexual would Say “I am the only Gay in the Village” Well if TV programming is anything to go by I will soon be the only straight in the Village. Why do I say this well have you not noticed that nearly every TV programme on TV there is a Gay sub plot. Every soap has some Gays in it, Miranda had a Gay nothing do with the story line, Last Tango in Halifax was having a Lesbian Wedding soon switch that disgusting thing of , Sky TV crime film Agatha Raison had a couple of Gays again nothing to do with the plot even Foyle’s War had a Gay Secret Service agent, plus nearly every other talk and quiz show has a Gay presenter. It doesn’t stop there Radio 4 is as bad in the Archers a new Gay sub plot with Adam Aldridge been caught snogging and other geezer, comedy shows about a chef and his boyfriend and Comedy shows making appoint of telling us they are Gay yet normal sexed people do not announce they are straight.

I may be very odd as I do not have any Gay Friends or relations, I know a Gay couple and speak on a rare occasion at the restaurant I use but that is it . My circle I move in doesn’t have Gay people well not to my knowledge but then again I do not ask everyone sexuality. Yet I would have thought this was normal as in the 2010 HM census there was just 1.5% of the population was that way inclined and as by definition they do not reproduce I doubt if the figure has increased by much

My point is, I am using Gay people as an example, that we are manipulated by not so much the press but entertainment industry i.e. TV, Film, Radio in how we should think and what is acceptable in their eyes. This is a form of Social Engineering. In the 1950’s in the USA you had the McCarthy Trials, this was where they tried to root out Communists from the Film Industry. Now a lot of liberals to this day say this was very bad and saw the death of free speech and free expression. Yet a recent programme showed it was those with left wing leanings who were eventually forced out of the industry were producing film with a left wing anti American agenda and only employing people left wing views. Even some Cowboy films, like High Noon were considered left wing and was produced by one of these left wingers. Yes High Noon even I wondered what was a matter with this film but it showed a rather anti American ideology if you remember the whole Town would not help the sheriff and the film revolved around this, it was said that this was showing that the American people do not stand by each other. What about more modern films, Titanic showing the English being callous to the Irish an English shooting the Irish, totally untrue, The Patriot with Mel Gibson an anti English film about the American Revolution, another anti English film was Brave Heart again most of it was fiction. There are many others I can quote; we are in an era when Programmes can be seen though many media outlets and if not careful one can believe the Fiction rather then the truth. Some have come up with name Factual Fiction; this where you have a little bit of fact but the rest is fiction Brave Heart was a prime example of his

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