Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Paris Outrage

Found an interesting article on the Paris Outrage by Richard Littlejohn I have copied a couple of paragraphs which I found enlightening, also there is another little piece which was posted on Facebook plus Nigel Farage has the guts to say what we all think

As for all those self-important EU leaders, it is their suicidal approach to mass immigration, their beloved human rights laws and their craven appeasement of firebrand preachers of hate which allows Islamist terrorism to flourish in the West.

On Friday, Abu Hamza — aka Captain Hook — was sentenced by a judge in New York to life in a supermax prison for terrorist activities. He has been stripped of his hooks and he will die in jail.
The only concession the Americans have made to his human rights is to replace one of his hooks with a ‘spork’ — a spoon and fork combination, which will make it easier for him to eat his prison food.
I’d imagine he will find life in a U.S. supermax penitentiary rather less comfortable than the time he served behind bars in this country.
When he was in Belmarsh Prison, South London, Hamza was provided with a personal chiropodist to cut his toenails. What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
In the States he gets a spork, in Britain he got regular pedicures.

The Government should repeal the appalling Human Rights Act; instruct the police and security services to close down Islamist websites; stop our prisons being used as Al Qaeda recruiting offices; shut down mosques and religious schools which foment terrorism; prosecute and deport foreign hate preachers; and lock up those fanatics with British passports.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2907553/Doing-hokey-cokey-won-t-defeat-terror-Dave-RICHARD-LITTLEJOHN-says-time-Britain-stopped-soft-touch.html#ixzz3OgvqJSMV
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Interesting fact the greatest holocaust was not the Nazi's or Stalin killing 20 million or Mao killing 50 million Chinese , between the year 1000 and 1800 over 100 million Hindus were killed in India by Arab and Afghan Muslims as they would not convert , there is no number for the women they took as slaves and millions converted in what’s now called Pakistan so Muslim fanatics are nothing new and using murder and terror to convert or kill infidels is also nothing new the sooner of lefty rulers realise that the sooner we can deal with it for what it is

Farage says West bears some 'culpability' for Paris massacres because of foreign wars and mass immigration
·       Ukip leader blamed Western government for ‘much of what has happened’
·       Remarks come after he was attacked for claiming there was a ‘fifth column’
·       David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg slammed 'divisive' remarks 
·       But one minister said it was 'lazy' to say Islam had nothing to do with terror

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