Wednesday, April 08, 2015


  • Below is a section I took out of facebook. I do know who this Mark Long but he is typical of a group of people who think it is funny to insult people with religious beliefs. The car one is funny but it is attacking a Country Political ideology, the other two are very insulting I have noticed on FaceBook over Easter many such cartoons one wonders what is happening to UK culture it i becoming a culture of the gutter 
  • Mark Long And a selfie after the miricle lol
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  • Martin Clarke I see no point at insulting a person religion by these ridiculous cartoons which I do not find funny at all. Us Christians will look in disdain at the way people like you trying and ridicule our belief and we turn the other cheek, Yet you know Islam is a much more militant religion so why go out out of your way to offend. If you do not believe put a sensible argument forward so you can get a real discussion going. Surely you do not want your children growing up in the world that thinks this sort Character assassination is funny
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