Friday, April 10, 2015



The question of Non Doms has become an election issue by Labour, when you first listen to them you may well think they have a point. These rich people coming to UK and not paying Tax contributions the same as the rest of us. Yet this is not true all Non Doms have to pay Tax on all there British earnings and do so. So what does Labour want?  they expect Non Doms to pay Tax on their World Wide Income, how is that fair? These Non Doms pay Tax in the various countries they earn money so why should they pay twice?
Non Doms pay over £6 Billion in UK Tax they have many businesses which employ thousands of people, their Tax contribution is 5% of the Countries total tax receipt. It seems that Labour once again are twisting the truth, trying to create a divide between the worker and the boss. Why do Labour not accept that entrepreneur are creators of wealth and we all benefit from this, Government do not create wealth.
What would happen if all these Non Doms leave the UK and flee to say Eire, Job losses for a start. Once again Labour policies hit the working man because of left wing ideology  

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