Monday, April 06, 2015

Easter is Important

Easter is an important time for Christians yet people still mock the fact that Jesus died on the cross. On Facebook a leading Martial Arts instructor a person who is considered a Guru by his follows put a picture on Facebook depicting Jesus on the Cross looking down and smiling at some tubes of No Nails with title “No Nails needed now” he and his follows thought this funny I stated this was crass and insulting to millions of Christians, this man who lectures in Buddhism and Taoism replied he can say what he likes on his wall, this true but one would have thought that respect for other religions is important is important. My reply was at a time when 150 christians were murdered by Moslem extremists and Christians throughout the world are being targeted even in the UK secularists are doing their best to eliminate all forms of Christian beliefs even to the extent they want churches and other religious buildings handed over to Councils for communal use not for worship. If the gay Community which is only 1.5% of the community had this type of abuse there would be questions in Parliament and legislation would soon follow. My final comment was if the man on the Cross was not Jesus just an ordinary man would it still be funny to see a man tortured slowly to death, if it was there are some strange people about

Any rate the good thing is my Granddaughters Poppy Roman Catholic school still teaches the meaning of Easter I am not sure all schools do, I also noticed that all the big Supermarkets were closed Easter Sunday I am not sure whether this was for legal reasons or them honouring the Religious Festival. Yes Easter Sunday should be a joyous occasion for Christians but one would have thought that Good Friday would have been a more approbate day to close

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