Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Gay Obsession

TV, Film, Politics, Press and Radio have obsession with Gay people. All soaps I am told have a gay sub plot even the Archers have a Gay Triangle, more and more Films and TV series have a Gay story and most of the time it has nothing to with the plot or story line. Even our Prime Minister made a statement that he thought Clare Balding epitomised a gay Person WHY?  She is a TV presenter what has that got to do with her sexuality?  Even one of my favourite foreign Detective series “Murdoch Mysteries” has introduced a Lesbian scene, which had nothing to do with the plot.
Why this obsession is it that the industry is trying some sort of social engineering, trying make us the General Public accept the abnormal sexual behaviour of Gay people or is that the Gay Community want even more influence in society then they already have?
In the1960’/70’s when I was young man Queer Bashing was common and Gays were not allowed certain jobs, I was one of them who would say what is the point of beating a Homosexual he cannot change and what has someone’s sex life got to do with them doing a good job. Thankfully things changed when Homosexuals were legalised I even did not mind Civil Partnership as if two people want to share a life they should have some legal protection (Do not agree with Gay Marriage). Yet the Civil Partnership was the start of Gay people getting extra rights, Heterosexual people, relations could not enter into a Civil Partnership. So we now have a minority who were repressed in the 1960’s now in a position of influence way above their numbers.
Of course the liberal/Left Guardian reader will call me homophobic because I dare question the Gay Power and they will ask "do you have  Gay Friends" and the answer like the majority of the population NO.  Why it is quite simply mathematics there is only 1.5% of the population who are Gay, there simply not enough of them to go round. Maybe this the problem could their be a higher percentage who are in the Arts, Media, Entertainment Industry so creating the illusion that is often quoted by various commentators that the gay population is between10 % and 15%

All of us have to accept the Gay Life no matter we think or believe in but surely there should be some balance

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