Saturday, April 25, 2015



In the last 2 days I have been plagued by people I do not know making a Skype calls, I have no idea who they are as I never answer them. Nearly all of them women it is obviously a con, one left a message and suggested that I love her and have her children? The wife did not agree to this. I have deleted my Skype account something I very rarely use preferring Facetime and Invomo . Have any of you come across this problem?


Nearly everyday you hear something about drugs, people trying to convince us that Cannabis is harmless, Cocaine and Heroine are common and now we have legal highs and nitro oxide is the latest craze. I was in my teens in the 1960's and apart from what historians say, I only knew of one person who took drugs and I never found that out till I was in my thirties, I was never offered any drugs yet within 30 years so called recreational drugs would be common place, with some radio presenter and leading personalties bragging about how they used them. My question is WHY use them? I have enjoyed myself on a limited amount of alcohol (No not getting plastered) and on most occasion with out any artificial stimulation, so I can not understand the weakness of others who succumb to drugs  

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