Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Welcome Soviet Union of Great Britain

Union boss Len McCluskey last night hailed Ed Miliband as Britain’s next prime minister and said the country stood on the ‘brink of change’.
The Unite general secretary praised Labour for a series of ‘radical’ policies, including the ‘freeze’ on energy prices, the mansion tax and the 50p income tax rate.
And he praised Mr Miliband for planning to repeal ‘some of the worst anti-union’ laws with a commission headed by John Monks, the former TUC general secretary.
Addressing a rally of trade unionists in London, Mr McCluskey, whose union is Labour’s biggest donor, said: ‘Our nation stands on the brink of change.
‘In ten days the people will cast their vote. They will pass their judgment on the last five years of Tory coalition, on the Labour Party and on Ed Miliband – as our leader and our next Prime Minister.’ He said Labour offered ‘something different’ and told the audience: ‘Is it radical enough? You judge for yourself.’
Labour would ‘end bogus self-employment and put a stop to the zero-hour contracts that have become a stain on our nation,’ Mr McCluskey added. ‘On tax they’re going to tackle non-doms, a 50p tax rate for those who can afford it, a mansion tax and above all tackling tax avoidance.’
He said David Cameron’s pledge to ‘finish the job’ of deficit reduction were ‘perhaps the scariest words in the English language’.
Last week Mr McCluskey was caught boasting that trade unions ‘own’ the Labour Party and its policies. In the Unite magazine he wrote: ‘The Labour Party is our party, we built it, to serve us. These are our policies. They are now within our grasp.’

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