Friday, April 03, 2015

Leaders Debate

I wasn’t going to listen to the Leaders debate as I think nobody changes their mind after to listening to them, most watch or listen because of a tribal instinct. I personally thought that Cameron was a fool to take part, as the Prime Minister he would be attacked by all sides, plus all the others with maybe the exception of Labour could say what they want as they would never lead a British Government. As it happens I was wrong Cameron done a good job and most probably reassured Conservative voters.

As I said I was not going to listen but glad I did, as I never realised how nutty the three women who were on the panel and their ridiculous ideas. None had no idea of the real world all three seemed to be dinosaurs from the Communist past. Two of them the Welsh women and Green women you could just laugh at and ignore but the one that worries me is the SNP woman why? Because she could end up working with Labour Government and she certainly has some radical Left Wing barmy  ideas, which would bankrupt and leave our country defenceless.

What amazes me is some of these so-called leaders attitude to debt. Most households realise that you cannot spend more then you earn "sensible" plus if you get into debt you have to alter your life style to get out of debt "sensible". No some of these so called leaders  believe to get out of debt is to spend more, give more to British feckless and lazy, therefore relying on Cheap Foreign Labour to bring in money, What a load of numpties.

I like Nigel Farage although I will not vote for him because I do not want a Labour/SNP government, in fact I would suggest any constituency where the Conservatives are way down the list, Conservatives supporters should vote tactically by voting UKIP. The reason I mentioned him once again as soon as he mentioned Immigration especially Health Tourism he was attacked by the Nutty women, in fact UKIP were attacked the Today Show on Radio 4 this morning for mentioning the fact that 60% of those being treated in the NHS for aids were foreigners, his point was that  the National Health Service should be  restricted to British people who have paid into it, it is not the International Health Service

While on the subject of the NHS all the opposing leaders were saying that the NHS will collapse if the Conservatives continue to govern all say it needs more money then say they want to stop privatisation in health and that all health should be run by the NHS. So do they want all Chiropodist, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Opticians, and Dentists to come under the control of the NHS? How will they fund that? Interestingly only 6% of the NHS budget goes to the private sector.

The Conservatives are continually blamed for the inadequacies of the NHS yet they increased spending from £64.173 billion in 2003/04 to £109.721bn in 2013/14. Planned expenditure for 2014/15 is £113.035bn. 
As for Hospital staff , there were 32,467 additional doctors employed in the NHS in 2014 compared to 2004. The number has increased by an annual average of 2.5 per cent over that time. There were 18,432 more NHS nurses in 2014 compared to ten years earlier. The number has increased by an annual average of 0.5 per cent over that period.
I am not over happy with Cameron he has let us down on immigration, he promised to get rid of the disgusting European Court of Human Rights, he spends to much on Foreign Aid but I can not imagine any other party running the country

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