Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Where are the Cherry Orchards

On the radio this morning there was a report that Cherry Blossom would last longer this is because of the Warm days and Cold nights. So I thought I would try out my new camera and get some shots of Cherry Orchards and yet I could not find one, most of the Orchards  have been grubbed. Some have been replaced with dwarf trees or put over to Rape seed. 
Rape on the Downs

It is somewhat ironic as it is said the first Cherries planted in GB was at Newington a village a few miles outside of Sittingbourne

The only Cherry Blossom I got was some wild trees growing by the Motorway, but I did get a shot of the first Bluebells

The new road that take you across Milton Creek is a quick and easy way to Sheppey but it is also quite a picturess route. Most people in the town know when the tide is out in the Summer and you get the smell of the creek bottom, people will sniff the air and say "Creeks Up" even though it is actually down. Until you see the Creek at Full tide you do not realise how wide it is and you can easily understand how barges would sail up to bring materials to the town in By gone days. It is reported that the last Viking raid took place up Milton Creek, as I photographed I imagined the seen from the film 13th Warrior where the Vikings sailed up the river and people ran in fear, the same fear the people of Milton must have felt centuries ago

Milton Creek
I took a couple of other shots of a yellow flowing bush and a tree in bloom outside a house would like to know what they are 

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