Saturday, April 18, 2015

Right to Buy

Right to Buy

This seems to have caused quite a Political stir, most people agreed with Maggie when she offered the ordinary working man there council house. Of course the Champagne Socialist and Union bosses all opposed this, how dare the working classes strive to become property owners this seemed to be their attitude. The truth was keeping them as Council house tenants kept them as Labour voters but allowing them to be property owners suddenly made the working man realise they were no longer subservient. Interestingly enough at this time working people were earning decent money. So now with right to buy back again in force we get all the lefties coming out against including those Labour MP's and SNP MSP's who took advantage of the system to buy Council Houses.

When Maggie was in power her ideal was to put power back to the ordinary person, housing was one of them. Her idea of the Housing Association was that the tenants run their own housing stock, sadly like a lot of good ideas the Left wing Bureaucrats so took over with tenants on Housing Committees being just a token few.

What I can not understand those against the scheme always suggest that the housing stock would diminish HOW?


Mr & Mrs Jones rent the house they are in they the buy the house and live there. Mr & Mrs Jones still live in the house

Yes but one more house is taken away from social housing? Yes quite true but by selling them the house equity is released to build another house

I lived on a very nice Council House estate in Sittingbourne when I was a youngest , the 3 bedroomed house was built in about 1953 for the cost of £5000 it is now worth £170,000 even if Mr & Mrs Jone get a discount of £60,000 that still leaves a substantial profit to build another house therefore increasing the countries housing stock. Plus what has happened to all the rent that was earned from the house that must be nearly £100,000 over a 60 year period. Maybe if the money was not spent on administration there would be money to build even more houses, these Housing Association CEO get paid more then the Prime Minister and it alright for them to own there Million pound homes but not their tenants.

So Right to Buy is not only good for the tenant it is good for the country.

With regard to Private Landlords the Leftwing always portrays them as some sort of evil force yet if it was not for them there would be a lot more homeless. It was the inefficiency of Council and Housing Associations who could not supply housing that led to them even being in existence

Of course there will be bad landlords but they are out weighed by bad tenants as for exorbitant rent I do not know. As someone who has several one bedroom flats and a few bedsits my rents are fair how do I know this? Simple several of my tenants are on Housing Benefit and Swale Borough Council only allocate a certain rent allowance per property and I am with in them boundaries none of my Tenants, who get 100% housing benefit, do not have to pay any top up, plus I charge those Tenants working the same rent and I expect there are many more landlords like me.

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