Sunday, April 19, 2015

Shaven Haven Screaming Kids

Shaven Haven

I am in my Caravan again this weekend at Whitstable, very nice site called Sea View. On the site there is a Club House which offers Weekend entertainment this weekend was a group call Lettuce Heads which proved very good. They reminded me a lot of the Heavy Rock Band Shaven Haven, some 10-15 years ago I used to have a Bar at the Swale Martial Arts Club and we used to have live bands every Friday night. Shaven Haven used to produce so much energy and this Lettuce Heads were the same.

Why tell you this? Well this weekend a Restaurant posted a notice they did not want any screaming kids, this caused uproar WHY? What is it with modern mothers who seem to think they do not need to control their unruly kids? The same happened at the Club House in Sea View obviously these sites are very much for young families, so you expect children to be running around BUT all night? Even at 11pm there are young children on the dance floor and I mean small children, why do these parents not consider other people. I am 65 and when I had young children we never considered taking them to a Restaurant, partly because we could not afford it and it was not the done thing

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