Monday, April 06, 2015

Easter at Whitstable

Easter at Whitstable

This year at Valerie request we have parked pour Caravan at Sea View for the Season, ideal for my Family to use for weekends and Kids Holidays. I am glad that we did because the infection in my knee just does not want to clear, so my plans for 2015 are all over the place, my 65th year has not been a very good one.
John Val Becky 

Trying to park in a Coastal towns over a Bank Holiday ins very difficult but it is made worse when you have Council like Whitstable. The main Car Park near the harbour has half of it closed of for no apparent reason another Car Park by the Bowles Club has a sign saying “ No longer a Public Car” residents tell me they are frightened to move their cars weekends because the space is taken up by visitors. Whitstable is a major attraction in the South East, with the Oyster Festival being one of the highlights of the Kent year and the Harbour and the pleasant Town centre being a draw for many people. So why can not Whitstable Council accommodate more visitors surely the financial gain to the Town must be tremendous. Why do they not have a Park Ride system in place even if it only operates on a weekend, Bank Holiday and Festivals. To top it all the Railways service shut down on Bank Holiday Monday so those like my son who use the train to come to Whitstable were forced to come by Car.

On the Saturday we could not park in Whitelaw or Herne Bay so ended up getting our dose of Sea Food in Folkestone. Bank Holiday Monday we were lucky, we were searching all car parks no joy but on the off chance we tried the little Harbour car and as we pulled in a car was pulling out. Spent a couple hours at the harbour, sea food was delicious. Met John and Becky there, he parked in a side road expect he upset a residence, cold but had a good time. Whitsatble well worth the visit but go mid week

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