Monday, April 27, 2015

Rent Control?

Dear Martin,

The Labour Party has announced plans to introduce rent controls and three year tenancies as standard if they are elected to Government in May.

The RLA has long argued that rent controls will deter investment and choke the supply of decent homes to rent. A recent RLA survey of members revealed that three out of five landlords would leave, or consider leaving, the private rented market if rent controls were introduced, click here for more information.

Instead of solving the housing shortage, rent controls will simply lead to less investment into properties causing poorer conditions for tenants who will have less choice as Landlords leave the market altogether.

Backing our concerns, Labour’s Communities Minister in Wales, Lesley Griffiths AM cited her own worries about Rent Controls in February this year (2015) telling the Welsh Assembly that rent controls, “reduce the incentive for landlords to invest and can then lead to a reduction in quality housing.”

The RLA is busy opposing rent controls with RLA Chairman Alan Ward speaking to the BBC and featuring in the Guardian, Telegraph and the Daily Mail.

Visit the RLA General Election 2015 website for more information. Here you can also download our Election Manifesto which sets out our views on Rent Controls in full.

You can read more about Labour’s plans for rent controls here.

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