Thursday, July 14, 2016

Caravan Shock

I had a right shock today as I mentioned in previous posts I have purchased a Static Caravan so I contacted a Caravan dealer to sell my 2007 Compass Rallye 650. It is a beautiful twin Axle Caravan and I have had it from new. 

I know that year sells for £8000 and I also knew I would not get that price from a dealer but did not want the aggravation of selling it privately. So the dealer came round and found some moisture in the bathroom plus he did not like the Vinyl Graphics and basically said the most he would give was £3000 he then came back and looked in the cupboards and found some more moisture and the price went down to £2000. 

He said it could cost up to £5000 to repair and have to say I believe him before he could sell it. Yet he said I could have kept it for another 10 years without any major trouble.

The problem is if I sold it privately all I would get is people returning with complaints. The awning and Air one is in good nick if any of you caravan people are interested contact me

Mind you I have in enjoyed my Caravan days so no real regrets

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