Wednesday, July 27, 2016

US President

The two potential Presidents for the USA leave a lot to be desired but Yanks will have to make a choice. Hilary Clinton has been tried tested and left wanting. In fact her record shows that she is a liar, been investigated by Law enforcement and is part of the political elite. Donald Trump has not been tested he is extremely controversial but he has been a very successful businessman, so out of the two I would go for Trump.

Yet the Presidential Election has many hallmarks of our own Referendum in that Trump like the Outers has the Political elite, the Media, Foreign powers, the Rich and Famous all against him. Yet with the Referendum it was the people who spoke out against this clique and won the day plus the Country has not collapsed as was forecast. So could the same happen for Trump where the ordinary American regains power?

I listened to Michelle Obama (by the way she also plagiarised other people as well) saying that a black man had entered the White House, which was built by Black Slaves good point, but she could have mention that many of the slaves were sold to slavers by fellow African tribesman. Even I thought that only in the USA could a Black man reached the position of President and I like the rest of the World had high hopes BUT 8 years of him has produced very little it has made the poor poorer, created great deal of racism and had anti British administration. Now they are using the same rhetoric because Clinton is a women, one must ask the question what makes a Women President so different then a Man. One thing is different she will not have a man under the desk doing a sexual act or maybe she will who knows

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