Monday, July 11, 2016

I have succumbed to a Static

Well I have done what a I said I wouldn’t do that is buy a Static Caravan. As I have mentioned before I had very bad experience with Park Holiday SeaView SwaleCliffe not with the general staff and the people they were excellent but my beef was with the Sales Staff and how they deal with potential buyers of statics. I did ask if one of them was named Capone being young they did know who he was and they asked “Who is that “ I replied “another gangster”. Any way my experience put me off buying a Static but then I got told of a Family run site just round the corner but it was very basic just Statics nothing else and they were a little run down. So then we were told about Homing Park Seasalter, this was exactly what we wanted Very Clean, Tidy small swimming pool, bar ideal. OK I spent more then I wanted and purchased a brand new Willerby Rio Gold 

but we are there for 17 years and if I enjoy it I may purchase another one for 17 years.

We have enjoyed our caravan a 2007 Rallye Compass 650 which is for sale but Val has tired with the idea of travelling etc. as we have had a seasonal pitch at SeaView for 2 years and enjoyed it the obvious next step was to buy a static.

For those who live in Swale the will remember a previous Mayor Bill Boggia his family own the site

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