Sunday, July 31, 2016

Grumpy Man

I have to admit I am getting grumpier as I get older. Moved into my new Static Caravan was great till Sunday morning where it seems someone with a young child has borrowed one of the near by statics. The child wakes up at 7am and starts crying then the family come outside to have their breakfast talking at a high volume, I can put up with that but it is when the baby starts crying and the parents start talking in baby language that was to much Why do people start talking to babies and young children in a strange language i.e. babber, chu chu train, didums, dogey wogy, brekiweki why not use the correct words Baby, Train, You, Dog Breakfast. It is a wonder they ever learn English. Why do parents think it alright for children to run around a Bar or Function like lunatics. “In my day” there I told you I was getting grumpy.

Used my Bus pass for the first time to travel from Seasalter to Oyster Festival Whitstable to meet my Son John and his gang. In both directions the Bus was ½ hour late not impressed. Like Whitstable but the Oyster Festival is packed standing in a pub and drinking from a plastic glass is not my idea of a good time. Yet the only Beer I had was in the Micro Pub the Black Dog and that was a pleasant experience

I have been given a new Insulin for my diabetes which also containers something that makes you feel full so you cut back on your food intake which seems to be working. Problem is if you have just a couple of wines you wake up with a hang over. I cut back on most carbohydrates as they turn to sugar now I will have to cut out wine. What is annoying is that if you deviate slightly my Blood Sugar increases. When I tell people I have diabetes they all seem to think you are about to die but this far from the truth if you keep to the regime it is not a problem in fact you have a much healthy diet because you are no longer eating rubbish f

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