Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pleased Cameron the Gay Icon has gone

I am so pleased that Cameron has gone so much so I re-joined the Conservative Party. When the Conservatives voted for a new leader many years ago I voted for Davis Davies a man from an ordinary background. What we got was another Eton Toff from a privileged Background, with the Conservative party representing some like it was a 100 years ago i.e. the Landed gentry with money thinking they had a God given right to govern a Political Elite that was removed from the electorate the same applied to the LibDem’s and Labour. What the Brexit vote proved that the People had enough of all these pompous politicians telling us that we the public did not know anything and we should listen to the Rich, Famous and Political Elite.

So what did this rich kid Cameron say about his time in Office 1) he said the economy is in good shape well to a point it is especially after the mess Labour left it in. 2) He has given £6 billion in Foreign. We have a country that has thousands of Homeless people living on the streets, we are having patients denied drugs because we can not afford them, we have a shortage of housing because we can not afford it etc , much of the aid is going to corrupt officials, aid agency are saying that the aid is not reaching the right people and he thinks this is a good legacy?  He is now demanding that Prime Minister May ought to not touch this aid 3) he brags about the disgusting Gay Marriage stating it is about equality which it is not. Was it in the Conservative manifesto?  He uses the Polls to suggest people supported Gay marriage 55% For 45% against but once again the referendum and the Last election proved that the Pollster were completely wrong

David Cameron will go down as a Failed Prime Minister but a Gay Icon

So what of Teresa May was not my choice I wanted Liam Fox, yet listening to her I believe she has some good ideas on Home issues and looks like she is to look after the interest of the ordinary person rather then the Rich and Famous. Her background is more akin to the ordinary man rather then the Toffs and if she appoints someone like Liam Fox to take us through the exit of the EU I think she will be all right

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