Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Nigel Farage should be made a Lord or Knighted

Nigel Farage should be made a Lord or Knighted
You may not like Nigel but without Him and UKIP we would not have had a Referendum. All Political Parties with the Exception of UKIP wanted us to remain and did not want a Referendum. Credit to Cameron for realising UKIP were right. The establishment, the Rich and Famous, Multi Nationals and Presidents of other countries thought that there fear campaign would work for us to Remain BUT they did not understand People Power, the Power of the ordinary man.
So Nigel has resigned and going back into business but his ambition has been successful he started 25 years ago he wanted GB out of the EU and he has succeeded. I hope a future Conservative Government accept the work Nigel has done and get him involved in the Leave process.
History will see Nigel as a great Englishman who saved us from the disaster of the EU
Next question should UKIP remain as a party? I say yes the reason being that the referendum showed all political parties were out of step with the electorate with exception of UKIP and I can not see that changing. (Corbyn debacle has shown the establishment do not want to listen to the members()So we want a peoples party I suggest changing the name to United Kingdom Party.
I have said this as someone who has rejoined the Conservative party

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