Friday, July 15, 2016

More Caravan News

Yesterday I reported the ridiculous amount offered to me for my Caravan, this caravan had Tyron’s fitted which keeps the tyre in place if you get a puncture plus electronic anti snaking device.
I am on a Seasonal Pitch at SeaView SwaleCliffe and I paid till end of October, as I was leaving with 3 months to go I expected some rent money back? BUT NO can you believe the last day for any refund was July 15th today. All I will say be very carefull if you buy anything at this site and also bring you willies because it floods and get water logged

2007 Compass Rallye 650. It is a beautiful twin Axle Caravan and I have had it from new. 

So the dealer came round and found some moisture in the bathroom plus he did not like the Vinyl Graphics and basically and offered me a ridiculous price. They sell for up to £10000 new but I am asking just £4000 because of the moisture and Graphics I have included the Air Awning

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