Saturday, July 23, 2016


I am not and have never been a Labour voter, as for Jeremy Corbyn’s Left wing policies I believe they would be a disaster for the country. Yet I do agree that the Labour members should decide the Leader of their party, what the EU Referendum proved that the people of this country have had enough of the Political Elite of this Country of all Parties treating us as Plebs. Remember in this country we don’t vote for a Prime Minister, we vote for a Political Party. The party that forms the Government selects a PM.

Once again Corbyn proves he is not the so-called saviour of Politics in this country. He like the rest of the PC brigade has decided that Jobs in his Shadow cabinet will be based on Positive Discrimination; he has announced that 50% of his Cabinet will be women. I expect he will have a percentage of Homosexuals, lesbians, Transsexual’s, Ethnic Minority and disabled. Surely all jobs should be based on their ability not what or who they are. Positive Discrimination can only lead to falling standards as you are not getting the best people only those who fit the PC Brigade edict. Our calling should be MERIT NOT POSITIVE DISCRINATION

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