Saturday, July 09, 2016

NOT everyone has countless amounts of Gay Friends

Why are Film and TV Makers plus the Police trying to promote Homosexuals/Lesbians? The recent Gay Pride Demonstration in London had Homosexual Police Officers proposing to each other in front of the Public and snogging Homosexuals in the Crowd is this the Job description of the Metropolitan Police? Surely they are Police Officers not Social or entertainment Officers. I then walked into my Caravan to see the Wife watching Coronation Street and there was a again nearly a whole episode of Homosexual relationships, I am told the same happens in all Soaps. I then pick up the Newspaper and in that they state that the New Tarzan film had a Homosexual sequence but was later cut. For those of you who have read the book Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs will know the only romantic involvement was with Jane so why the need to change the original? Also the new Star Trek Movie is to have a Gay Man getting married to another man? One would have thought that this series being in the future they would have got rid of the gene which makes you Gay etc. or alternative would be that there would be no Male or Female just a Human with all the parts of a Male and female in one person. I am sure there are some who would like the latter with all babies born in a Test Tube. This seems a deliberate attempt by the Entertainment industry to promote Gay people and there abnormal sexual preference Yes abnormal ONS reported that just 1.5% of people in the UK are Homosexual .7% Lesbian so I am justified in saying abnormal. The programmes obviously do not depict Normal life if they did they would have no viewers.

Next we have 2 homosexuals presenting ITV’s this morning and of course lets not forget the Politicians who have reported they want more Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuals in Parliament as they want to represent the electorate. So if they want to represent the UK as a whole there should be  4.5 Lesbians MP’s 9.7 Homosexual MP’s but there is 32 Gay in MP’s in Parliament so they are over represented . THE point is what has someone sexuality got to do with doing a Job do I need to know their sexuality NO.I for one could not care what they are as long as they can do the Job. Yet take the Metropolitan Police they allow their Gay Police Officers do thing Straight Police Office would not be allowed to do i.e. Gay Pride.

There should be a Law, which forbids people promoting their sexual preference if they up for a Job whether it be Police, MP, Doctor etc. they should be judged on their ability. The Militant Gay movement is striving for preferential treatment, which should not be allowed

The Political Elite, London Society and Luvvies should realise you need to listen to people outside their circle NOT everyone has countless amounts of Gay Friends looks at the percentages that is not hard to work out

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