Thursday, July 28, 2016

I have my new Static

Val with Poppy and George

We have now moved into our Static Caravan at Homing Park Seasalter. Very pleased with the Park and the Caravan more room then the Touring Caravan. First job was to buy a Memory Foam Mattress and organise Sky TV. The Static is only ½ hour from my home in Sittingbourne so I expect most weekends we will be here, with modern technology i.e. Mobile Phone, Mobile Broadband etc. keeping in touch is very easy and ½ hour from home can be back very soon for any problems.

Travelling to the Static I always use the long way a much more enjoyable drive as you can see the changing countryside. You still see the odd old Cherry Orchard with their big trees as a young Agricultural Apprentice one of my jobs was to move the massive ladders for the women pickers. That was in the days when women with their children would work on the Farm to earn what we called Pin Money. You would see lorries coming to pick women up just after they dropped the older kids of at school and they would be returned just before the kids came out of school. Sadly Health and Safety has put paid for that and the fact Farmers need a workforce who can do more then 6 hours a day, so now we have agency workers with agencies who will not employ English to do the picking. Travelling back I got diverted round Conyer and came across a small holding with lots of poultry and they were selling Chicken, Duck, Goose and Quails eggs not cheap £3 for a dozen Duck eggs but they were delicious with large yokes. Interestingly you paid in an honesty box an old fashioned idea but just shows people still have just in fellow human beings

One of the most dramatic changes in landscape was the colours 3 weeks ago corn was still green but now the countryside has changed to a beautiful Golden Yellow. 

Now lets hope we have nice sunny days and I sell my old Caravan on Monday. There is one disadvantage in that they do not have early morning swims and the pool is somewhat cooler then SeaView

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