Sunday, July 03, 2016

Referendum March

Referendum March 

Lets get this into context 50,000 supposedly turned out to revoke the democratic decision of the People. Most under 24 years of Age yet only 30% of under 24's voted in the Referendum. It is suggest that 75% of those that voted were u24 (knowing how bad the polls are that is a dubious figure)so if my calculation are right that is just 22.5% of all u24's voted to stay. Now was 50,000 a large Number No considering that 400,000 turned out for the Countryside Alliance March and they never succeeded. The biggest Liar of the Last 100 years was by Tony Blair and he has said we should have a Referendum? and lets not forget Bob Geldof the man who has gained Fame Notoriety from promoting feed the world and insulted the Fisherman of GB "Google Why’s Bob Geldof so tetchy about his tax affairs?"

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