Friday, July 29, 2016

Westlands Bullying

Some weeks ago I wrote about the bullying at Westland’s School and the response was from over 150 people saying they have had problems with Bullying in fact only this weekend I had a complaint from some one I met at the Homing Park Seasalter who had to move from Sittingbourne to protect her daughter. Well I am pleased to say by contacting my MP, OFSTED, KCC, Leader of the Council, has culminated in the School notifying over the Tannoy the subject of Bullying to all pupils, a team was sent in to investigate bullying and the pupils were given a survey to fill in with regard to bullying. This is good news but it should not have taken an outsider like myself to highlight the problem plus someone should carry the blame for this massive problem, which was obviously disregarded by the hierarchy. The man who should take the blame should be Jon Whitcombe CEO Swale Academies Trust, his position as CEO should be the buck stops here. Yet I expect some sort of statement will come out that the problems has been sorted and no individual is to blame and life goes on.

Hopefully Westland’s have learnt from their mistakes but it is the duty of every parent to be vigilant

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