Friday, July 22, 2016


The weather is really Hot and for a Man this is great  with all the Good Looking women wearing that summer clothes but there is a down side. Which is all those elderly women trying to dress in clothes only suitable for Young Women and then there is the Fat women who wear clothes suitable for thin women they look ridiculous. It is not just women but men as well who will wear tight T Shirts and shorts with there fat stomach hanging over their shorts or worse are those men who think it is attractive to walk around, go shopping, go drinking with out any shirt on, totally inappropriate.

So am I perfect? far from it but I wear long Trousers or Track Bottoms and either a shirt or loose fitting T Shirt plus I do not try and dress like a twenty year old.

So I have invented a new game, INAPPROPIATE. My trip through Whitstable produced only 2 points. First point: 20 year old walking through Town Centre with No shirt. Second Point a really fat 5ft 6ins young women wearing really tight fitting clothes, which showed every ripple of her body. So well done the people of Whitstable. Sittingbourne produced about 30 points the worst was a Male pensioner who had a massive great Beer Belly and was only wearing a pair of Bermuda shorts

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