Monday, July 04, 2016

Manchester “U alrite hour kid”

John and Rebecca

On Friday myself Valerie, John and Rebecca drove to Manchester for a meeting so we decided to make a weekend of it.  240 miles from Sittingbourne to Manchester approx. 4 ½ hours, well that what the journey should have been but it actually took 8 ½ hours. The worst journey I have ever had to endure. Why is that the M6 is such a nightmare mile upon mile of roadwork’s. I say roadwork’s but that is a silly name as no one was working and once you finish this nothing changes. If you are lucky you can travel a mile unhindered but as soon as you meet a junction you stall to halt because of traffic filtering through. I have travelled the Continent a great deal and never had this sort of hold up is it not time Government sorted out our infrastructure? Does everything have to travel by road and is there the urgency to transport non-perishables by road? Can we not start regenerating Canals? What about putting more on the Railway? The government want to spend Billions on rail to the North so you can arrive 15 minutes earlier why not put railways next to Motorways? Even have station’s where you can drive your car on like they do at the Chunnel.
Greyhound Hotel
That was the worst part of the trip the rest was excellent. We stopped at the Greyhound Hotel in Leigh, which had some faults, but the staff was excellent and tried their best to sort every thing out and they reimbursed some of our money. Had a long chat with the new manager and he tells me they are in the process of refurbishment, I can say I would recommend it to anyone. Interesting to note legislation now forbids Toilet Brushes and Shower Mats in Baths because they can not be immediately sanitised after use, so be prepared to get your hand down the Loo if you stop in a Hotel

On the Saturday we intended travelling round the countryside but it was raining and windy, we did manage to get to a lake but as can see by the photo it was not very pleasant. 

So we decided to visit Warrington. What a find this was excellent Shopping Centre, the largest Indoor Market I have seen and in the Golden Square there was a concert by the Disabled and they were brilliant and put BGT contestants to shame. 

We found the people very friendly in fact I have come back with an accent “U alrite hour kid”. While walking round the Market I came across the Butchers “SWEENEY” it was a family of three generations with one of the daughters having done Judo so I was in, even got a cup of tea.

 The meat was brilliant and at a fair price in fact it was cheaper then I can get at Cash & Carry.
Sweeney Family with Martin

 If anyone from Sweeney is reading this just had your Gammon Steak and it was beautiful.

In the evening we were told to go the White Hart for a meal we booked and when we arrived it was a Pub Restaurant and packed. I had a starter of Hot Camembert, followed by Steak, Potato Cabbage Mash Tomatoes Mushrooms French Beans. It was without a doubt the best Pub Grub I have ever tasted there was not one thing I could complain about plus because we ordered 4 steaks we got 2 bottles of wine free. Four meals with drinks for  £120 how could you complain about the price.
To much for Val I eat it the following day 

 If you up that way pay it a visit it is definitely worth it  So Back to the Hotel Val and myself went to bed John and Rebecca stayed up in the Bar as there was entertainment it seemed john’s dancing must have been a hit as people were coming up to him the following morning at breakfast making comments about his dancing abilities, it’s a good job I never stopped up then you would have seen dancing
Mum In Law and Daughter in Law by Lake at Peak District 

Sunday we were up and away but not the M6 this time we took a much longer route across The Peak District National Park to the A1M yes a longer route but the countryside in the Park was beautiful and the A1M was a much easier drive we had a couple of stops and it took 6 hours but there was no hold ups and the drive was easy.
Val will be 70 in November she is very good shape But I expect she kept her looks because she is married to me. In my eyes she is still crumpet 

If ever I am in the Manchester area I will stop at Warrington and definitely travel through the Peak District Park and spend some time there. The people were great it felt I was returning to the True England because 95% of the people I met were English can not say that about Kent

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