Friday, November 01, 2013

The Clarke Curse and poppy


It seems my son John has got my curse but at a younger age I refer to knee problems. He is to have another knee operation to replace cartilage and have some jell substance put in the knee. What is more concerning is his knee is out of line and he will have a knee operation to straightened it out, this he  is told could lay him up for three months and no sport for 12 months. Although it would be easy to blame Judo and Sombo I believe it was Football that caused the damage in fact percentage wise there is more injuries in Football then Judo

It was hoped he would not follow in my footsteps with regard to knee problem, some years ago I had a replacement knee after suffering for over 5 years excruciating pain when walking, best thing I ever done and the knee is great. Yet those years of hobbling about put undue wear on the other knee and it now looks like I am to have the other replaced. I wonder whether they will burn when the cremate me 30 years time?

While writing this blog my 8-year-old Grand daughter Poppy has walked into the office and asked to go on the other computer she wants to write a letter and of course Granddads always give in. Always amazes me how at a young age they can work these things but she showed me the letter she had written I was shocked. She obviously is a very bright girl and obviously takes after her Grandfather and NO I did not assist her in any way, please have a read

Come to my nanny and granddad’s house it’s so grand!

Taste nanny’s mouth watering food it’s recommended you try it and listen to granddad talk about ancient history and things you don’t even know (it’s fascinating. )

Their real names are Martin and Valerie and their house is enormous  they can even put a giraffe in it that’s how big it really is, it has seven bedrooms a computer room with four  computers and a gigantic bathroom now we go down stairs a huge kitchen a large front room also a vast conservatory with a extensive garden.

Of course I haven’t talked about how rich they are they have a I pad I already mentioned  this before the have four computers  a massive T.V with the most expensive WiFi and broadband any one could get and they have gone on the best holidays a person could have.

  Even though I don’t  see  them a lot I still love them

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